Why Fresh Food is Better than Processed Foods!

Why Fresh Food is Better than Processed Foods!
The differences between fresh food and processed food have never been required as much as they are right now. For one thing, processed foods are everywhere and many people have grown up finding it normal to eat out of a can. This wasn't so in the earlier days of human existence, and this is why the differences between fresh food and processed foods must be discussed thoroughly. We live in a generation where they are so many new diseases and a steady reduction in the fitness and life expectancy of humans. The cause of this is not farfetched as a lot of it can be traced to the food we eat. Let's make a quick comparison of fresh food and processed food. Fresh Food Vs Processed Food Processed foods are foods that have been preserved with preservatives and other chemicals to reduce the rate of spoilage. Doing this to food removes a lot of the essential nutrients that the body needs to derive from food. This means that instead of consuming essential nutrients, we end up consuming preservatives and additives. Processed foods are the leading contributor to health issues like obesity. They are usually high in calories and sugar. Processed foods also contain a very small amount of fiber. Hence, to get satisfied, you must eat more processed foods. This creates an overload of calories and sugar in the body. Sometimes, when the overload is more than the body can handle, various body systems may begin to function dysfunctionally. This is another reason why processed foods are a major contributor to the increase in unhealthiness in this generation. Some of the additives added to preserve food are sometimes discovered to be carcinogenic. Little wonder why cancer is on the steady rise. Eating processed foods may be inevitable but efforts should be made to limit our consumption. Fresh foods are the exact opposite of processed foods. Without any trace of chemical preservatives, they are usually high in all the essential nutrients needed by the body. The additives that are not found in fresh foods can cause.
  • Insulin resistance
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Heart disease, and
  • Fatty liver disease
If the causal agents of all the above are absent in fresh foods, then fresh foods are truly healthy. Fresh foods serve as rich sources of antioxidants and healthy fats that ensure a healthy heart. They contain high fiber content which is greatly beneficial for metabolism and a healthy digestive system. They have a low sugar content that is healthy for the body system and doesn't cause overload and clogging of body tissues and blood vessels. The high fiber and low sugar content of fresh foods are instrumental in weight loss and management. Fresh foods include fruits like blackberries, avocados, oranges, and lemons. These fruits have many health benefits. They supply essential vitamins to the body and help to shore up the body's immunity against diseases. They also aid you in losing weight. The artificial preservatives, flavors, and other additives in processed foods may increase their shelf life and reduce spoilage. However, most of those additives and chemicals are dangerous to health and should be avoided. Fresh foods supply all the essential nutrients needed and helps in building the body's immunity against diseases. Top it all up, fresh foods taste better than processed foods. The comparison has been made. Now, the ball is in your court!

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